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 Ameliandra's application

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PostSubject: Ameliandra's application   19/08/15, 03:06 pm

In-Game Name (IGN): Ameliandra
Game: Aion
Class / Level: Cleric lvl 1
Country or Timezone (optional): eastern canada, EST

Referral: none
Why do you want to join Regias?: I just want a fun legion that can help me learn about the game as i level up and have people to run dungeons and stuff with.

Describe Regias' First Rule in your own words*: Don't know if you're talking about the global guild rules or the Aion guild rules but i'll just go with the aion rules since that's what i'm applying for. About ninja looting, i think it's pretty clear cut, don't take stuff that you know would benefit somebody else more than you.
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PostSubject: Re: Ameliandra's application   19/08/15, 05:57 pm


We meant the global guild rules, but going by your post I think you have a pretty clear idea of what floats and sinks here -- so I'm not worried Smile

I have approved your application and fixed your permissions. The [Newcomer's Guide] will further guide you through everything you need to know.

See ya in-game.
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Ameliandra's application
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