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 [Aion] Centurion Applications/Promotions (Round II)

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PostSubject: [Aion] Centurion Applications/Promotions (Round II)   29/06/15, 09:06 pm

Greetings, Regians!

/edit: Centurion Applications are now closed again. Thanks for applying!

Centurion applications are now open again.
We are looking for a few more members to join us on the officer team and become the voice representing today's Regias as we reaffirm our philosophy out there.

As an officer, you gain the ability to invite new members to the guild and are expected to dedicate a fragment of your playing time towards making the guild a better place.
If you like the guild as it is now and would like to maintain this, or have some ideas to make it better and would like to put these into practise, do not hesitate and apply now.

Send me a forum PM using the button below with your application. Your (brief) application should contain the following:

  • Why you want to become an officer for Regias (your motivation)
  • Why you think you would be a good addition to the officer team (as with any job application, sell yourself).
  • Your timezone (or country).


  • Must be (fairly) active in Aion.
  • Must have been in the legion for at least 2 weeks.
  • Good English.
  • No negative record within the legion or on AION (e.g. not called out for ninja looting, being notorious for causing drama etc.)

Applications remain open until we have selected a number of participants. We will contact you if you are one of them.
If you were not among them -- worry not. We save all applications and if we need more officers later on you're one step ahead of the others.

The Need for Officers
The burden that comes with a large and long-term guild like Regias is a heavy one. Without sufficient people to share the weight, the few that remain to shoulder it will be crushed by it. This has happened before, and led to the guild disbanding. Help us prevent this past from repeating itself and apply today.

Many choose to flee from responsibility. If everyone did this, who would be left to carry it? We are all volunteers: we are not paid for this, but do this e-job out of love for the guild, its atmosphere, and its members.

Officer Life
Your first two weeks will be a trial period, during which we will observe how you are doing as a Centurion and give tips/pointers where needed.

As a Centurion, you will gain access to the Officer-only section on the forum, which contains all info you will need as an officer. You won't go in unprepared, so focus on your application and don't worry about the rest.

In essence, your job entails the following:
Start a conversation when things are (too) quiet.
Make an instance run if none is doing so.
Give some aid to members when needed.
Recruit some folks.

In other words, take initiative. Set an example for how you want the guild to be, and others will follow. A lot that can be starts with yourself. Don't always wait for the same people to speak up and organize things.

One must lead for others to follow.
If one wants to be heard .. he needs to speak first.

Looking forward to your submissions! Smile Thank you for reading and/or applying.

Click this icon to send your application!

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Posts : 1217
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PostSubject: Re: [Aion] Centurion Applications/Promotions (Round II)   08/07/15, 05:01 pm


We have received and reviewed all of your applications. Let me begin by expressing my thanks for the numerous applications we have been fortune enough to receive -- the interest in the legion they embody is the driving force behind the legion's continued success.

Over the past few days, all Deputies have reviewed your applications. After they gave their thoughts on what you had written, the name of the applicant was revealed. In other words, you have been assessed both for what you wrote and for who you are.

Following this, we have selected and appointed 3 new officers. All who applied will have received a forum PM outlining what to do next (if approved) or why they were not appointed at this given time. If you were among those who were appointed: Congratulations! If you were not among those -- this isn't the end. Your journey with us continues, and we have saved your application so you are one step ahead of the others next time applications are opened up. Use the time until then to further demonstrate your good qualities to the guild -- your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Thank you for your interest.

Pride & Glory,
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[Aion] Centurion Applications/Promotions (Round II)
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