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 [Guide] (Seized) Danuar Sanctuary (65+)

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PostSubject: [Guide] (Seized) Danuar Sanctuary (65+)   24/06/15, 02:31 pm

The Danuar Sanctuary (DS) underwent some serious changes with the Upheaval. Below is a preliminary guide for both versions of this 'new' Danuar Sanctuary.

For those of you who played Aion before 4.8, the 'old' DS had its entrance level lowered to 63. Access points are now in Cygnea (Ely) and Enshar (Asmo). There are some changes to the instance which you can see below.

New is the hardmode version known as Seized Danuar Sanctuary (SDS) which is available to lv65+ players. To access it, you need to enter through the DS portal found on the opposing faction's map. So, if you're an Elyos and want to do SDS you'll need to enter the regular DS portal on the Asmodian map (Enshar). It is the exact same as normal DS, but with tougher mobs/bosses and thus better loot.

Both versions have separate cooldowns and can be accessed every second day (every day with instance boost pack).

Differences with Pre-4.8 / 'Old' DS

  • Part of the instance has collapsed due to the shockwave from the upheaval. You thus no longer split up for paths, but do them together with your group in order (yellow > green > blue).
  • No more time limit.
  • Paths are shortened to 1/3rd of their original size. Complex areas such as the spikes (blue) and floating platforms (green) have been removed altogether, leaving only a generic, straightforward path for you to follow.
  • Many monsters were removed. The ones that remain are significantly tougher (all buffed grade 3/4 elites). Critters (Kobolds, bats etc.) remain the same.
  • No more jars or coffins. You know open Treasure Chests found on the main path and in hidden corners/chambers for loot.
  • DS no longer drops gear, or it does at an abysmally low rate. The Danann sets and weapons are thus no longer (really) obtainable.

Why should I do (S)DS?

  • It's very straightforward and doesn't require much thinking.
  • Chance at a (chargeable) Stigma Bundle, which may drop from the final boss (SDS only).
  • ~80% Chance at an Eternal-grade Ancient Manastone for all group members if you can kill the final boss (SDS only).
  • Great way to farm Ancient Coins, Ancient Manastones (blue/gold) and AP relics. SDS gives more AC per bundle and better AP relics.

As before 4.8, you can opt to do (S)DS with less people so you have more loot. I only recommend this if you are not planning on doing the final boss however as this is a gamble: if you get the Cleric boss and don't have a full (geared) group you can't complete the instance.

So, if you are planning on killing the endboss for that Eternal Manastone or chance at a chargeable stigma bundle .. go with a full group and take an SM, proper tank, a cleric, and 3 DPS.

Accessing (S)DS
As mentioned before, for the normal mode DS (lv63+), simply seek out the DS entrance on your faction's map: this is in Perennial Mosswood in Cygnea for the Elyos and The Sanguisands in Enshar for Asmodians.

For the hardmode version (SDS), you need to travel to the opposing faction's map. The recommended rift is near the Aequis Outpost (Elyos) or in the Sanguisands (Asmodians) The rift is frequently up and is rather unpopular, so catching it shouldn't be a problem. It usually appears 1 hour after the daily server reset.

If you take the rift found further up, in the Wailing Dunes/Shriekfang Crown, be prepared as you will need to train through a gate.

Assuming you took the recommended rift, the entrance to SDS is literally a few steps away from the rift exit. For Elyos players, the passage is kind of 'hidden' in a canyon so it may be overlooked. To find it, simply turn right before coming within aggro range of the gate guards and enter the canyon. Once there, clear the hostile NPCs and enter.

Just follow the path. Kill what has to be killed, and avoid that which does not have to be killed. Watch your step and don't pull more mobs than necessary: mobs don't drop anything and are rather tough so you will only waste time.

Open Stone Treasure Boxes for AC Bundles, AP Relics, and Ancient Manastones. Some of these are 'hidden' in rooms away from the main path and guarded by a tough mob.

The instance itself is rather tedious and boring, but it isn't a complete cakewalk: the endboss can prove to be quite a challenge, and has caused several groups to forfeit their runs at this point already.

Final Boss
You will get a tougher version of one of the three bosses found in pre-4.8 DS as endboss. This can be either the Assassin boss, Mage boss, or Cleric boss.

  • Note: Unlike their pre-4.8 versions, (S)DS bosses are immune to all forms of CC and their buffs cannot be dispelled.

Option #1: Assassin
The easiest boss. This is just a tank and spank fight. Around 25% he will start marking a random player with a buff which lowers his/her movement speed tremendously and then and cast 'Berserk', which greatly boosts attack speed for ~20 seconds. The 'marked' player will receive a rain of blows and essentially just has to outlast it with heals/bodyguard.

Option #2: Mage
Another easy fight. Watch for reflect, Protectorate's Magic Smash (~20k dmg to random player, force avoid or resist it), and 25% HP which is when she will start casting (Dark Shield), making her immune to damage while charging a massive AoE spell. When she does this you have two options:

1) If your group has 'meh' DPS -->> Plant a DoT on the boss (else she resets) and RUN for safety -- you should be at least 40-45m away from the boss by the time the second spell is cast as it one-hit kills anyone in the radius. Tank should move back in the moment she has finished casting it. If the DoTs timing was right, she will not have reset.

2) If your group is geared/has sufficient DPS you can just burn/nuke the shield while it is up to make it (and the AoE skill) cancel.

Option #3: Cleric
Can be tricky. Will summon an add every 5~10% HP once she is below 90% HP. At 25% things get rough. She will periodically summon 3 assassin adds that do insane damage AND she will start casting a shield (Dark Shield) at the same time.

Most groups mass cc the adds (e.g. via sorc winter binding, SM aoe fear) > nuke the shield > nuke the adds. If you don't kill the shield in time, she will recover ~20% HP. If you ignore the adds, they will wipe your group easily. Just the one thing to stress here is to never underestimate the sin adds this boss summons.

Good luck.
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[Guide] (Seized) Danuar Sanctuary (65+)
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