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 [Guide] Cygnea Named Mobs

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PostSubject: [Guide] Cygnea Named Mobs   19/06/15, 11:42 pm

One of the 'secrets' of 4.8 is that Cygnea and Enshar come with special named mobs that can be farmed for Idians and Composite Manastone pouches. These monsters, 5-star normal mobs, drop an Idian Pouch (100%) and either a normal Manastone Bundle (~65%) or a Composite Manastone bundle (~35%) when killed. They respawn every 10 minutes at fixed locations, so as you can guess they are a great source of kinah and are thus eagerly farmed by both factions -- the Elyos farm them for kinah, the Asmos farm the Elyos farming them Wink

Example Loot - Click to View:

First we need to know what they look like and what some of their characteristics are.

  • They mainly appear in the centre and top-right of the map (Cygnea). Cygnea/Enshar each have three 'zones' (based on flight locations/major outposts), and of these 'zones' has its own named mobs.
  • They can be recognized by the fact that they have 5 dots and a different name (often a prefix) from the other monsters in the area that use the same model. Note that not all of these 5-star mobs drop items: some of them (e.g. Sandsail Shakill) are only quest mobs for the Fortuneer dailies.
    They look like this:
    Example Named Mobs - Click to View:
  • As usual, greed and bad sportsmanship have long since ruined this otherwise nice feature on the NA servers. There are numerous players that will use animation hacks and/or killsteal you on every possible occasion to maximize their own profits. Welcome to F2P.

    Players using (animation) hacks can kill these mobs in 2-3 hits. Legit players need a few seconds at least, no matter how geared they are.

    Bad sportsmanship includes hogging all mobs in an area and refusing to share any with you or others, often going as far as to killsteal you (or try to) even if you hit the mob first. Although I doubt it will achieve much, these players can be reported. Take screenshots of them in action and report them to NCSoft using this link: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new because yes, bad sportsmanship IS banable.

You can also reach me in-game if you want a copy of this map. I don't have an Asmo version because 1) Elyos for life & 2) Asmos only care for PvP anyways. If you do have the Enshar version, though, I'll gladly add it here.
Cygnea Named Mobs:


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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Cygnea Named Mobs   29/07/15, 09:35 pm

I would like to add something about the drop paterns of manastone bundles in the recomended area of the map above.
Assuming one is hunting in the aforementioned area, I have found that there is a rotation to the amount of composite and non-composite bundles the 'hunter' will get per run (i.e. if he kills all 6 mobs).
The rotation ranges from 5 non-composite pouches and 1 composite pouch to 1 non-composite pouch and 5 composite pouches per run. Also there is a very low chance of a 6 composite pouch run (and if you are really unlucky, a run of 6 non-composite pouches).
Note that the rotation is not necessarily linear as i can sometimes skip a step.
I guess that it wouldn't be too irrational to assume that such paterns apply in other farming areas of the map.
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Cygnea Named Mobs   30/07/15, 02:30 pm

Can any one give me enshar hunting grounds map??
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Cygnea Named Mobs   

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[Guide] Cygnea Named Mobs
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