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 [Aion] Re-Introducing the Incentives

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PostSubject: [Aion] Re-Introducing the Incentives   20/05/15, 10:08 am

Greetings, Regians!

Due to the Atreian Atlas discontinuing their services we have decided to re-introduce our own AION incentives.

Users with a toon below lv50 can claim a number of bonus items to aid them in the game by simply making 5 forum posts and then posting your IGN to the corresponding thread. These items can only be claimed once, so choose the right moment. The number and grade of the items received scales with your in-game level (eg. lv18-25 gets bronze coins, 26-35 gets silver etc) at the moment of your posting. They will be delivered via mail.

You will find the incentives in the AION General Discussion section of the board.

On a side note, the special items of the Legion Warehouse can now be requested from the same thread where you find the guidelines pertaining usage (also in the AION General Discussion section).

Pride & Glory,
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[Aion] Re-Introducing the Incentives
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