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 What is your favorite type of car?

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PostSubject: What is your favorite type of car?    22/04/15, 01:34 pm

So i get in a heated debate with one of my closest friends about what cars are better....like all the time XD It gave me the idea that i want you all to be good friends, lets debate about what cars are the best! If you want list up to 3 of the best cars in the world. They can be from any country and any year, whats your flavor?!

Mine are....

1. 1970 Hemi Cuda
2. 2013 bugatti veryon 2 <-----sorry if its wrong year XD
3. 1999 Acura Integra type R

Let me play you a song?  I promise you won't regret it Wink
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PostSubject: Re: What is your favorite type of car?    22/04/15, 03:42 pm

For me, BMW all the way, no matter the year or model. But I still like some more than others, so here's a top:

- 2013 M6 F06 Gran Coupe
- 2010>present F10/F11 5 Series
- 2014-2015 X5 F15
- 2004 M3 E46 CSL

In the present I own a BMW E36 Sedan from 1991, which is called "Kitten" here in my country, and still runs almost like when she was born, but I must confess, some of her horses has died meanwhile. My wife has a BMW E60 from 2007. The passion runs in the family, and it's a must for future wives lol!

The only car from different manufacturer that I like and trust is the first Humvee - HMMWV.

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What is your favorite type of car?
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