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 Bit inactive

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PostSubject: Bit inactive   22/03/15, 02:02 pm

Hey folks,

Real life is currently demanding pretty much 80% of my attention. The other 20% I am currently spending on Dream of Mirror Online, which has just entered Open Beta. In other words, I'll be away from AION for a bit.

The current officers can take care of everything. If there is something really urgent that needs my attention, you can reach me here or in PM.

See you soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Bit inactive   17/06/15, 12:47 pm

I never thought I'd run into someone else who's played Domo on Aion. My Suba Domo character name is Aerin (55 BM / 50 Hunt / 50 Doc). I don't play much since I'm back into Aion, but if you need anything, let me know!
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Bit inactive
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