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PostSubject: Transalpina   17/02/15, 08:33 am

A couple of years ago I was on a road trip with my daughter and filmed the most interesting part: Transalpina. It is the highest road in Romania, reaching 2145 m. The name Transalpina comes from latin and means [The country] beyond mountains. This road was made by roman empire army in their conquest for Dacia (some of Romania today) and then modernized by Romania's King Carol the 2nd after 1930 and by the germans in WW2. In our days the road is still officially closed for public because is not entirely finished, some parts are not paved and there are no road safety gadgets. But people drive through anyway.

Video description in english:

Transalpina - august 2013 - BMW E36 1991
Route: Novaci - Ranca - Obarsia Lotrului
Camera: HTC One S

"King's Road", flowing through the mountains, will charm our sight and inspire us nothing but freedom. It's a unique place, a ravishing landscape, unforgettable and truly the most beautiful romanian road.
Unfortunately at some point the rain starts and the drops from windshield unfocused the camera from time to time. Sorry for that.
Thank you BMW Efficient Services (that's the place where I repair my car) for your BMW passion and the care shown for BMW owners.

I hope you'll have the patience to watch it, and enjoy it.

Don't forget to turn it in 1080p for max quality Very Happy

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