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 Feltrix' Application

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PostSubject: Feltrix' Application   26/01/15, 06:07 pm

In-Game Name / IGN: Feltrix
Game: Aion
Level / Class: 34 - Chanter (Growing) (65 - Gunslinger, 63 - Assasin, 60 - Gladiator on GF Servers , but inactive.)
Country / Timezone (optional): Germany , CET

Referral: Aion Forums
Why do you want to join Regias?: I'm new to the North American Aion Servers, and am looking forward to playing here, so basically I was looking for a community which I can join. I'm a quite talkative person, and I think everybody knows that MMORPGS tend to get boring without a community.

Describe Regias' First Rule in your own words*: Members are supposed to behave like a common sensed person, which means you don't act like a jerk to other members and other people in general.

I hope this is enough, if there are any more questions, feel free to ask them:)

PS: Sorry for my language, I'm 16 and still learning.Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Feltrix' Application   26/01/15, 06:41 pm

Hey there,

Thanks for your application, it's looking all good to go Smile
Your forum permissions have been fixed. See our Newcomer's Guide at the link below -- it will guide you through everything you need to know: http://regias.forumotion.net/t44-welcome-to-regias-newcomer-s-guide


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Feltrix' Application
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