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 Aion Incentives

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PostSubject: Aion Incentives   20/01/15, 07:42 pm

Are you new to Aion and do you have a toon of level 50 or below? Good news! We are aware that the removal of the Atreian Atlas was a huge blow for many players, so we decided to offer up some incentives of our own.

What do I do?
1. Register with our forum if you haven't done so already.
2. Make at least 5 forum posts anywhere.
3. Once you have done that, post a reply to this thread with your In-Game Name when you wish to redeem your items. You can only claim items once!.

Aion Incentives

  • 15-day Mount
  • Coins (appropriate for your level range)
  • Old Style Enchantment Stones (these have higher success rates than the regular enchantment stones)
  • 10x Traveller's Greater Consumables Bundle
  • Scrolls

- Rewards can only be claimed once, and for one in-game character below lv50. The character that receives the items must be in the guild.
- Characters above lv50 are not eligible.
- Pointless messages ("Very Happy" or "Hello!" posts) do not count towards the post count requirement.
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Aion Incentives
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