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 xXSakuBoXx Application

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PostSubject: xXSakuBoXx Application   21/11/14, 08:03 am

In-Game Name / IGN: ... xXSakuBoXx
Game: AION
Level / Class: ... I just start playing, I’ll make a Sorcerer. I have played a little before, but quit because of real life stuff. And I want to tell that I haven’t played any MMORPG before, so if that’s not a problem for you I’ll be happy to join.
Country/Timezone: ... Bulgaria/GMT+2

Referral: ... AION Forum
Why do you want to join Regias?: ... Real Life First and No Drama/Elitism. Social, mature, helpful, ambitious and relaxed atmosphere. Balance between serious and casual gaming. I really liked your Legion description, I might as well copy the whole post and put it here. You seem friendly Legion where someone can enjoy his time.

Describe Regias' First Rule in your own words: ...  Being  part of community means that your actions will affect not only you, but and the community you belong to. Be respectful, kind, friendly and responsible, and don’t associate yourself in actions that will hurt the Legion reputation. Treat others the way you wanted to be treated in return.
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PostSubject: Re: xXSakuBoXx Application   22/11/14, 01:47 pm

Hey there,

That is not a problem at all -- we all gotta start somewhere, and it's great if we can find a place where we can learn things about the game in peace Smile

I also liked your take on the 1st rule. You seem all good to go, so I will approve this now. You can find the names of our in-game officers here:

To have the highest chances of reaching one we suggest to friend (V-> Add) an officer from a nearby timezone. If you are below lv20 (chat block), this is also the only way to reach them for an invite. Just include a note with the friend request that it concerns a legion invite Smile

Enjoy your stay!

Pride & Glory,


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xXSakuBoXx Application
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