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 8 Reasons Why You Should Play As an Asmodian (Or at least try)

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PostSubject: 8 Reasons Why You Should Play As an Asmodian (Or at least try)   17/10/14, 03:26 pm

We all know Asmodians are annoying. they steal your camp in Danaria or Katalam, they slay you, They gang bang on you or rape you or w/e, but let's be honest, they are kind of better. (NCsoft chose the Asmodians aswell), here are a few reasons why you should try being an Asmodian:

1: Prettier Places:

I mean... yeah.. Elysea is pretty, brighter, "whiter", but Asmodae is your dream land (the loading screen pictures can prove it), here is a small taste of it:

i know... too many pictures and bad example of places, but wait till you see Altgard or the other places in Pandaemonium, you'll be surprised.  Razz

2. Prettier Wings:

I don't even need to type anything, you can just look here:

(Take this only as an example, this is a model right there  afro )

3: Prettier looking Gear / Players / Npc's:

A game is always fun if you find what can be perfect for you, for me, looking good is a part of the game beauty.

(Nevermind the last picture, that's me looking good with abyss lol)

4: Glowing Eyes:

This is not so important, but still, when my eyes glow, i look BADASS.
available only if you're on fight mode (x)

5: Flight Teleporter birds:

This is not so important either, but still, birds are prettier.

6: Easy PVP:

Asmos rule the PVP "title", if you look in Katalam or Danaria, you can see that asmodians rule the fortresses, and of course take some camps really, really fast.

Farming as an asmodian would be easier i guess, since camps get captured so fast, even though Elyos rule Reshanta.

admit it! you got ganged once, trying to farm blodomarks!

7: Soundtracks:

i must say, we all got tired of sanctum's soundtrack... (at least i got), though the halloween OST is not so bad, sadly it won't stay for long, let your ears hear a bit of the DARK side:

Character Creation music:

Second cooler version:

Pandemonium: (sounds like an Xmas song TBH)


8: People are nicer:

This is just another small reason, no pics or videos needed, yep yep... it's true, people are WAY nicer in Asmodae, they don't fight over the LFG, they don't spam it, there are a bit less bots, and stuff are really cheap on broker, guess they are not craving for kinah like Elyos do. (i hope, don't take my word from it.)

and that's all for now, i'm not against the Elyos, since i'm an Elyos by myself lol. i'm also not a spy, so what if i play as an Asmo, 1/2 of Elysea has an asmodian account, TBT. and honestly i started as an asmodian but i got banned long ago for small reasons, oh and by the way, Cheat Engine Hacking works only if you're an Asmodian Wink so if you've ever wondered how it is to be an Asmodian, you can clearly see that it's awesome, hey, everybody has their own taste, i want to stick to my asmodian a bit but it won't be easy, still need to farm BM's on my Templar, i'm not going to leave it, after all the "hard work" and kinah spent on it? hell no! that's all for now :3



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PostSubject: Re: 8 Reasons Why You Should Play As an Asmodian (Or at least try)   18/10/14, 05:52 pm


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PostSubject: Re: 8 Reasons Why You Should Play As an Asmodian (Or at least try)   18/10/14, 10:06 pm

I agree that the Asmos have nicer maps, soundtracks, etc. Personally though I was severely disturbed by the lack of sunlight/colors -- it felt as if I were playing a greyscale version of Aion. Really killed it for me.

About the community, eh, depends. I found the Asmo side (on Siel) to be very closed. It felt as if everything was premade/legion or friends-only. I don't think I've ever seen an DS/DR/EB group/ally on LFG during my stay there.

Also, if you as an Asmo do BM camps outside the usual peak days/hours you'll find yourself on the short side of the stick a lot of times. Elyos just have more numbers/zergs roaming Kata / Data / ID in general. Also not a fan of how Asmos drop everything for PvP. When doing elites or bosses I was often left alone because my teammates deemed it more important to chase after an Elyos passing by halfway across the map.

Different points of view.


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PostSubject: Re: 8 Reasons Why You Should Play As an Asmodian (Or at least try)   19/10/14, 01:25 am

Asmos get a lot cool stuff.

But, I have Regias Corps here in Elysea. So that's where I'll stay.

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PostSubject: Re: 8 Reasons Why You Should Play As an Asmodian (Or at least try)   26/10/14, 05:52 pm

My first character was an Asmodian. Had to delete them when the servers merged. Here are my thoughts.....hehe

The Story for the Elyos is much more welcoming along with the NPCs. Asmodian culture is very rough.
There are jerks on both sides. Much fewer jerks on Asmos side because there are much fewer people.
They give you gear on both sides now......so no leg up anymore. Except for maybe PVP gear.
I guess its a matter of taste, but I much prefer the look of Elyos.

Play both sides, just for the story aspect. That way you get the most out of the game.
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PostSubject: Re: 8 Reasons Why You Should Play As an Asmodian (Or at least try)   03/02/15, 11:44 am

I will most likely take an Asmo account up just to know the zones a little better and study the community. Maybe troll some Asmo/Elyos that are annoying/obnoxious to others. We'll see... I kinda have deGray's mindset on things. Get the full picture instead of intensely focused on half the picture. I will not be killing a single Regialien if/when I do play over there but I will definitely use it to the Legions advantage.

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PostSubject: Re: 8 Reasons Why You Should Play As an Asmodian (Or at least try)   

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8 Reasons Why You Should Play As an Asmodian (Or at least try)
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