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 Permission to wear Regias cloak XD [A]

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PostSubject: Permission to wear Regias cloak XD [A]   17/10/14, 07:05 am

In-Game Name: Ariellessa
Game:Aion - Siel - Elyos
Level / Class: 20-Sorcerer
Country/Timezone (optional): Malaysia (GMT+ Eight)  Arrow  can't type in digit as this guy (Cool will appear.  afro
Referral: Aion Website

Past Legions / Reason(s) for quitting: Nahh.. I'm new to this game.

Why do you want to join the Regias Project?
rofl Your description in legion recruit awesome lol.  lol!
The reasons (REAL ONE  What a Face ) :
1. Regias is english speaking guild.
2. I'm new to this game, i don't have friends-it's kinda bored to level just to speak with only npcs.
3. Regias friendly guild right? I hope so as i really like to chat whenever possible.
4. "Real Life 1st" Policy - it's good for me, i'm a student. I online everyday but just for jiffy.

Describe Regias' Second Rule in your own words*:
Respect other players, be friendly, make friends, have fun clown
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PostSubject: Re: Permission to wear Regias cloak XD [A]   17/10/14, 12:05 pm

Hi there,

Thanks for your application. I think you're good to go, so I'll just go ahead and give you the necessary permissions Smile You can find a list of our in-game officers here: http://regias.forumotion.net/t35-aion-officers-features You can reach them for an invite to the guild.

Pride & Glory,


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Permission to wear Regias cloak XD [A]
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