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 Request for entry to Legion.

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PostSubject: Request for entry to Legion.   05/10/14, 01:47 pm

In-Game Name: ...Teelo
Level / Class: ...I am level 8, it says Tech in the description, think I choose from aethertech or gunslinger once I get higher. Sorry if it's too low to apply but thought I would get the application started Smile
Country/Timezone (optional): ...UK GMT

Referral: ...none, I am new to the game.
Past Legions / Reason(s) for quitting: ...again this is my very first legion application.

Why do you want to join the Regias Project?: ...Though only a low level at the moment, I like the game and would really like to experience as much of it as possible. I have played other mmorpgs but mainly solo and missed out on a lot. Would prefer to group with people I know and will explain and guide instead of shout and abuse if I don't know x, y and z. Also I appreciate not being rushed and forced to reach such and such a level by the end of next week (I am sure you know what I mean by that)

Describe Regias' Second Rule in your own words*: ...It means you are part of a community and what you say and do, how you treat others reflects not just on you but all your community. I have always said to my kids, you treat others how you want them to treat you. So you want to be treated well, that's how you deal with others. Includes friends, acquaintances and even people that are nasty and upset you and yours. It's not just your reputation, it's the Legions' reputation too.
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PostSubject: Re: Request for entry to Legion.   05/10/14, 03:40 pm

Hi there!

Thanks for your application Smile About class, don't worry too much, its important that you play something you enjoy in the first place -- its what games are for. To have fun.

Welcome aboard. I've fixed your forum permissions, for an in-game invite you can send a friend request (V -> Add) to any of our officers -- just include it concerns a legion invite. They will then add you when they see you online. Or, if you can wait till you're lv20+, you can whisper them directly -- low lvl characters have a chat restriction which complicates things.

Officers are as found here:

Pride & Glory,


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Request for entry to Legion.
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