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 Veteran / Honorary Regian Status - Guide

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PostSubject: Veteran / Honorary Regian Status - Guide   05/01/14, 11:58 pm

The Path to Becoming an Honorary Regian

An Honorary Regian is a long-term/veteran member who has been with Regias for a significant amount of time and greatly contributed to the guild throughout this period. They are those who stayed where others left, and those who are the embodiment of the guild's values themselves. While our gratitude will never be able to encompass all the things they have done for the guild, we still wish to provide them with a small token of our appreciation in the form of an enhanced membership status within the guild.

For their dedication, loyalty, tireless efforts and outstanding services, these members are rewarded with the position of < Honorary Regian >. This status entails the following:

  • Honorary Regian Achievement badge ().
  • Permanent custom forum title (if desired):
    < Honorary Regian >
    (...) <- Your custom title here. Must be below 20 characters, including spaces. No special signs.
  • Exemption from the inactivity rule (Aion)
  • Can have a total of 4 toons in the legion instead of 3 (Aion)
  • No limit on the amount of items that can be withdrawn from the Legion WH (Aion)
  • Your name in the Hall of Fame below.

How to obtain this status? There is no set way to it. It all depends on how long you have been with the guild and how much you have participated or done things to help the guild advance during this time.

Hall of Fame
"Though we all walk different paths in life, your moments of glory converged at this crossroads where they shall stand forever united."

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Veteran / Honorary Regian Status - Guide
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