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 Weaving: How essential?

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PostSubject: Weaving: How essential?   28/01/13, 02:14 pm

Since YouTube is littered with weaving tutorials for all classes and the several Aion forums are as well, I came to wonder just how essential weaving is in PvP.

Weaving is essentially using a skill at the moment your character is about to do auto-attack. One video describes it as "Invisible auto-attack hits between skills." Weaving allows for increased DPS and higher god stone trigger rates.


So my question is .. how essential is this in PvP? In PvE I understand you can just get by with spamming skills but I'm curious how important it is in a PvP situation.


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PostSubject: Re: Weaving: How essential?   14/11/13, 12:03 am

it helps by a good margin in group fights more than 1v1

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Weaving: How essential?
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