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 Two useful macros

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PostSubject: Two useful macros   03/11/13, 10:00 pm

Hi, I found macro that allows to change gear with just one click:

/useleft LEFT_RING

and so on. Just to be sure that it works, keep /useleft at end of macro, after all /use

Second one is useful when you have stack of mats that needs to be 'clicked', like to turn Fresh Hintera in Hintera. You can;t make loops in macros, so you can only 'click' 9 items pre macro start, but it's still a relief:

1) put the item you want to click in first quickbar, first slot.
2) use this macro, copy this 2 lines as many times as you can:

/Quickbar 1 1 1
/delay 4

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PostSubject: Re: Two useful macros   04/11/13, 04:44 pm

Ty ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Two useful macros   04/11/13, 07:04 pm

Small optimization:

/Quickbar 1 1 1
/delay 3.5

seems to work as well. Those 0.5secs count people! Smile

More seriously, to cancel the rez animation (and so get a potion off before being re-killed) use
/Select yourname

we're ecoming hardcore here! macros, BM, pvp... Soon we'll be shouting "Qol ked!" while we gank pinks Smile.

See you all,

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PostSubject: Re: Two useful macros   

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Two useful macros
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