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 Angelcy - Application [A]

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PostSubject: Angelcy - Application [A]   27/10/13, 12:50 am

In-Game Name: Angelcy
Country (optional): Cyprus
Class / Level: Songweaver / 21 (have only been playing for a day)

Referral: Aion Forum in Legion sub-forum
Past Legions: -
Reason(s) for quitting: -

Why do you want to join Regias?: I have been playing aion since the release of the game, but then gave up for a while. Came back to the game last night and was checking out the forums to see if i can find an interesting topic about recruitment. Then i came along the recruitment topic of your legion and i liked what i read :)I am looking for a PvX guild rather casual since RL comes first and then the game. Regias seems to have a nice community, which is what i am looking for in mmos and therefore here I am applying ^_^

Describe Regias' Second Law in your own words*: Well.. behave, respect the others and don't cheat seem to sum up the rule!

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PostSubject: Re: Angelcy - Application [A]   27/10/13, 01:04 pm

Hello and welcome aboard our forum! Smile

Of course, application approved. All nice and clean. And by the way, level 21 in one day is not bad, not bad at all. And we do understand that real-life comes first, so it's not a problem at all Smile

I hope you gonna stay with us a long time and be sure to checkout the Newcomer's Square - there you'll find our newbie incentives, guide for newcomers and nicks of people who can invite you to the legion in-game. Just try to catch them online and ask for the invite. Also feel free to post an introduction!


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PostSubject: Re: Angelcy - Application [A]   27/10/13, 02:06 pm

I'll add to that that we have periodical events, such as the current Regias Halloween Event. Get 10 posts before the 31st and claim your reward Smile


Enjoy your stay!


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PostSubject: Re: Angelcy - Application [A]   27/10/13, 02:52 pm

Had a nice chat with him yesterday, welcome to the legion and enjoy your stay Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Angelcy - Application [A]   27/10/13, 04:23 pm

Ty for accepting and for the welcome Smile Now i need to find an officer online for an inv ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Angelcy - Application [A]   

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Angelcy - Application [A]
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