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 Targeting Enemy Player

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PostSubject: Targeting Enemy Player   23/10/13, 12:44 am

Everyone who tried to target running enemy knows how hard it is but right key mapping can help.

Targeting enemy player can have it's own key. Go to System Menu / Options / Key Mapping / Combat. There you can set a key for targeting nearest enemy player. I use Caps Lock for that task. To avoid yelling in chat, it's good idea to remap Caps Lock to other key. You can use program like Key Tweak to remap Caps Lock to another key, I use '*' on Num Pad for that purpose.

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PostSubject: Re: Targeting Enemy Player   24/10/13, 12:11 pm

i just use tab for enemies. For mobs i just click or assist now Smile.


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Targeting Enemy Player
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