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 [Event] Weekly World Boss Hunt! (20/10)

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PostSubject: [Event] Weekly World Boss Hunt! (20/10)   17/10/13, 11:54 pm

Hi everyone,

This is a placeholder to let everyone (who browses the forums) know that the next Regias Alliance Event will be approx. this Sunday 20/10 at 14:00 GMT . We will all get together to go kill a world boss.

All levels welcome, there is no such thing as unable to participate

Bonus points if you're on teamspeak, so install it now! There is a guide for this on the forums....

We will form up into several groups in order to be able to mentor lower levels. Drops will go to any who need, and if no-one does, stay in the legion WH.

This week's boss .... well, you'll have to come to see won't you? Smile

Daddy Thar out!

p.s. say below if you would like a different time, we will see what we can do...

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PostSubject: Re: [Event] Weekly World Boss Hunt! (20/10)   20/10/13, 03:21 pm



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PostSubject: Re: [Event] Weekly World Boss Hunt! (20/10)   21/10/13, 01:26 pm

Bring more bosses next weekend! ill be there then Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: [Event] Weekly World Boss Hunt! (20/10)   

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[Event] Weekly World Boss Hunt! (20/10)
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