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 Forum Achievements/Badges - Guide

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PostSubject: Forum Achievements/Badges - Guide   17/10/13, 02:10 pm

Achievements/Badge Guide

On the forum, users have the ability to further customize their profile by completing various achievements and unlocking badges. These badges show on your profile / user info left to your messages and are proof of your participation within the legion.

New badges are added every once in a while, so check this thread occasionally to see them and their requirements.

List of Achievements
Icon - Name - Description

[Bannerman]You left your legacy in Regias by designing our official slogan.
Obtained by winning the Regias Slogan Contest.
[Honorary Regian]You are a veteran member of Regias, and have established yourself as a paragon of the very virtues we advocate throughout your stay. Your deeds are a beacon of inspiration to those around you, and your story shall be remembered for the times to come.
Awarded to distinguished members who have greatly contributed to the guild over a longer period of time. See our Hall of Fame
[Medal of Honor]Fate demands that we walk different paths, but your achievements are eternal. The work you have done for the guild will not be forgotten.
Awarded to distinguished former officers who served 3 months or longer in one of our games. Although they are no longer with the guild, they helped shape much of what you still see in the present day.
[Life's a Beach..]...My beach. You embody everything that is good about summer, and leave no doubts as to your favorite season of the year.
Can be obtained in our annual summer event.
[Pumpking Jack]You filled your bags with candy, found all the hidden pumpkins and upheld the Halloween spirit. Pumpking Jack is proud of you.
Can be obtained in our annual Halloween event.
[Chilly Snowman]The cold December months didn't scare you away. You went out and retrieved a significant amount of lost snowmen.
Can be obtained in our annual Christmas event.
[Class Badge (Aion)]You play your Aion class with pride, and are not afraid to show this.
Could be obtained by selecting your Aion class in your profile during the time we played this game. This achievement is no longer obtainable.
[Craftsman]You reached the point where your crafting skills can now be beneficial to others.
[Aion] Reach 500p+ (Master) in one craft or 400p+ (Expert) in two crafts and open a workshop in the Crafting Quarters
[Blade&Soul] Reach lv3 in two crafting and two gathering guilds, and sign yourself in to the crafting roster.
[Scribe]Knowledge is your business, and since you perceive it your duty to enlighten us on the joys of the pen you went ahead and made it our business too.
Obtained by writing and submitting at least three guides to the "Guides & Tips" section for one or multiple of our games
[Verified]You took the first steps by introducing yourself to the community.
Obtained by posting your introduction to the introduction thread in the Citizen's Square area.
[The New Mona]You posted a picture of yourself and dropped the anonymous mask.
Obtained by posting a real life picture of yourself to the concerning thread in the Citizen's Square area.
[Lorekeeper]You are well-versed in Regian lore and established yourself as a true defender of the guild's legacy.
Obtained by taking the Regias Quiz and getting at least 6 out of 8 answers right.
[Stand-In DJ]You offered the legion's radiostream a helping hand in its time of need. By suggesting new songs, you vouched not only for your good taste in music but also helped us to avoid an impending crisis.
Obtained by suggesting new songs for our radiostream in the "I've Got the Music!" event and having at least 5 of your picks selected and added to our playlist.
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Forum Achievements/Badges - Guide
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