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 Haitus...again ;;orz

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PostSubject: Haitus...again ;;orz   17/10/13, 04:18 am

Hey guys, sorry for being inactive again, real life kicking in and I don't really have much time to play aion myself. Work's keeping me busy, so I don't really get much chances to get online. It's pretty much eat, chores, work, then end the day tired and slump on bed to sleep. T_T)

But you might see me online sometimes...I've been asking my bro to play my toon for me during dredge times for me lol since he has more free time than me...(had to bribe him for that) Will be back...hopefully by summer again ;;OTL
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PostSubject: Re: Haitus...again ;;orz   17/10/13, 01:43 pm

Not a problem, going through the exact same so can totally relate Razz Thanks for dropping a line, hope we'll be able to welcome you back at some point Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Haitus...again ;;orz   17/10/13, 11:59 pm

RL first, is the second slogan of this legion. Take the time you need, look after yourself. You'll have lots of new friends waiting when you return!

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PostSubject: Re: Haitus...again ;;orz   

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Haitus...again ;;orz
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