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 Cultural Differences

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PostSubject: Cultural Differences   13/10/13, 09:31 pm

During a visit to the Republic I decided to buy a present for my old man. And what could possibly be better than an original, one-of-a-kind Irish souvenir?

Thus, we walk into random souvenir shop 101. It sells a lot of things, the majority imbued with four-leaf clovers. The occasional Leprechaun smiles at you from several cups, clothes and other things in the shelves. I pondered. I decided. I searched.

It ended up being a CD from the High Kings, a local band. Now to buy it.

"This will be it", I said to the man behind the corner in good spirits.
The cashier was on the phone and gave me a quick nod. He took the CD and proceeded to scan it. I paid up.
"It is a present", I added.
After a blank stare, the man replied at last. "Ah, right." he said.
He proceeded to removed the price tag with a single zip and then handed me the CD.
"Here you go, sir"
Another blank stare followed. This time, it was my blank stare.
After five seconds the man replied.
"We don't have giftpaper or anything here, if you were wondering".

Different cultures.



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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Differences   19/10/13, 03:20 am


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Cultural Differences
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