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 Thargor, 502+ Armorcrafting

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PostSubject: Thargor, 502+ Armorcrafting   08/10/13, 01:45 pm

So, I currently have 502pt armorcraft. I plan on levelling it to 510 more or less.

I have the balic chain level 50 armor designs (super-cool skins!) and the balic 55 handguards (nice skin nice stats).

I plan on getting the godstone recipes once I reach 510, for 20% and 10% damage godstones (highest damage in the game I believe, 20% 405dmg)

If I don't have the design you want, you can request it (it will take a while but I will buy it myself eventually) or you can go 50/50 with me on the cost of the design.

If you supply mats crafting is free. If you don't supply mats I'll just buy from broker and charge you the cost to me, so you might as well buy yourself! Smile

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Thargor, 502+ Armorcrafting
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