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 [Aion] Leveling/Gearing guide

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PostSubject: [Aion] Leveling/Gearing guide   20/08/13, 01:38 pm

Below is a compilation of the several guides members have written for Aion over the years.
These guides were originally posted separately but have been merged into this one 'index' thread for easier access.

  • Gearing in Aion -> see below
  • Levelling in Aion -> see [here] (few posts below)
  • Farming AP in Aion -> see [here]

Remember to check the other posts in this section (Guides & Tips) for more AION guides.

Gearing Guide
One of the most frequent questions I see on legion chat is: "What armor should I get?". On request, I am sharing my way of doing things. It's not ideal, but it works. At least, I think it does.

A small note on PvP/PvE gear:
Quote :
In Aion we distinguish between PvP and PvE gear.
Since this game revolves around both, you are recommended to have 1 set of both at late gate (lv65+)

PvE gear:
- Higher stats than PvP gear.
- Enmity Boost/Reduction stats.
- Great for instances.

PvP gear:
- Lower stats than PvE gear
- Guaranteed extra (6th) manastone slot
- Comes with PvP stats so you can actually hit and survive enemy attacks in PvP.
- Great for PvP & PvE on shared/open-world maps.

Question: Can I use PvP gear in instances?
- If you are a Chain/Plate class -> NO
- If you are a cloth/leather -> YES. However, remember to let tank build a bit and have your enmity drop/reduction skills ready.

PvE Gear
Level 1~50
- Just grab whatever pieces you get from growth/special quests, campaigns, surveys, instances, etc. Try to get a fabled weapon from Judge Kromede in the Fire Temple and fully upgrade/socket it, or use of the weapons you'll get for free.
- You can buy Silver Coin reward boxes from the camp in the Eltnen Desert for a good chance at lv30 fabled accessories which will last you until lv50.

Level 50~51 [Fabled]
- Get one of the following three sets:
* Mithril Coin set > easiest/cheapest (recommended)
* Dark Poeta set > takes several Dark Poeta runs, but better stats than Mithril Coin gear. (optional). You can also grab some good accessory pieces from here.
* Miragent/Fenrir > best stats, takes a ton of time and kinah and isn't really worth it (only for the title, skin, and potential flight time set)

Having one of these sets means you can do Beshmundir Temple for exp (Normal Mode) and/or gear (Hard Mode).

Level 55~61 [Eternal]
Option #1: Farm Beshmundir Temple [Hard Mode] for the eternal Stormwing set for your class. I wouldn't go for the full set since it is not endgame proof and can be very time consuming. Instead just try to collect pieces (at least 3 for first set effect) while you continue leveling.
Option #2: Use the Resurgent Daevanion eternal set you get from returning to the game (don't login for 30+ days) or from doing certain special quests in Inggison. If you get this set you might want to try for AC set.
Option #3 (recommended): Collect Ceranium Coins by doing quests in Cygnea/Enshar and the broker. Buy the lv61 eternal Legionary set. If you go for this set, continue reading at the lv65+ section.
Option #4 (recommended): Farm Tiamat Stronghold (TS) or Rentus Base [Normal Mode] for a good eternal lv60 set that will allow you to do most endgame instances.

Level 61~65 [Eternal]
Option #1: Continue farming TS and Rentus Base [NM] for your set (option 4 above), using the pieces you already have as you go about this.
Option #2: If you didn't get TS/Rentus or the Ceranium Coin set, farm/buy Ancient Coins and get the AC set for lv65. This can be very expensive, but if you have the kinah it is the fastest armor set you're ever going to complete as you can literally just buy the pieces.

Level 65+ [Mythic]
Level 65 has a ton of sets, so it is easy to get lost. In terms of stats, it works like this:

DD/EB > ORB > IO > IS/DR > Sauro/Ancient Coin

Let us start with the lowest:
Sauro Commander is the absolute basic mythic set. If you already have a full TS, Rentus or AC set, you can SKIP this set since the differences are minor. You -may- want to try to get a 6slot weapon with max. tune stats as these are very good. But overall, Sauro should be used to fill in for any TS/Rentus or AC pieces you're missing.

DR or Danuar Reliquary set is harder to get than Sauro, but better and, in my opinion, can also replace IS. It also is one of the cheaper endgame sets since it only has 1 ancient manastone slot.
- Higher stats than Sauro.
- Not dependent on set effect like IS (DR pieces have higher base stats for each piece since no set effect, meaning you can easily swap/replace pieces later on).
- You can actually choose what piece you want (IS = fully random).
- Can be purified and enhanced into a improved version.
- 3 runs/week as opposed to the two from IS.

Infinity Shard (IS) still is the 'main' or go-to set for many, many players. It is good (2 ancient manastone slots and guaranteed 6slot), but what many players overlook is that this set is ONLY worth it if you get the FULL set (6/6 pieces, all of the same type). You see, the strength of the IS set lies in its set effects. In return for these set effects, though, each individual piece has way lower stats than other sets. In other words, take one IS piece away and the whole pyramid crumbles.

Dynatum Set (IO) has good weapons and armor (high stats + 3 ancient manastone slots), but kind of obsolete in 4.8 with Rentus HM being available every day. Has a learning curve since it requires good teamwork.

Occupied Rentus Base [ORB] is your go-to. You can do it daily, and after a lot of grinding you'll have that superb mythic set. Great stats, but very expensive (4/5 or 6 manastone slots are ancient manastone) for what ultimately is just a PvE set.

Bastion Aggressor Set (EB)
Arguably the best PvE set in the game, but very hard to get an alliance for (very closed/'friends-only' community) and, since you're in a 24p ally, you might lose the roll. Always 6 slot gear with superb stats and no ancient manastone slots so if you do happen to get such a piece: congratulations, treasure it.

Beritra's Set (DD)
Improved version of IS that can be obtained from Drakanspire Depths in 4.8. Very time consuming (1 run/week + risk of getting eternal from box too) but superb skin and stats. Probably on par with EB.

Conqueror's Set
Can be bought with Conqueror Marks in Inggison, but I have no idea how on earth you are supposed to get that many without hacks.

PvP Gear
Level 1-55
PvP is dead at these levels so don't bother.

Level 55 (Optional) [Fabled]
- Grab the fabled lv55 Arena set, but only if you plan to cap on this level for a while for arena/dred/fortuneers.

Level 55~60 [Fabled]
You get a free basic PvP set from Cygnea/Enshar Campaigns.

Level 61~65 [Eternal]
- Farm Blood Marks from instances in Cygnea/Enshar/Levinshor and do base weeklies in Levinshor. Your stepping stone/basic PvP set.

At lv65 several choices:
#1 Custodian / Emissary -> if you're satisfied with just a good/cool-looking PvP Set that is way better than Blood Mark but not the best. I personally recommend it since it can be purified into a higher tier set later.

#2 Special Emissary / Evangale -> Twice as expensive as custodian/emissary, but has better stats and a set effect. Bought from Divine Equipment Distributor in Walk of Fame in Kaisinel Academy. The 'ultimate set for casual players', it's often called. This since it's the best non-officer and non-mythic set for lv65s.

#3 Special Elite Emissary Divine / Elite Evangale Divine [Mythic] -> The best PvP gear available for non-officers. Takes 24/7 playing for a couple of months/years to get but eh, you never know. In my opinion its faster to farm GP for becoming an officer and get resplendent/Seraph (see below).

#4 Resplendent / Seraph -> Basic set for officers (2 star and up). Probably all you need, as zergs decide PvP these days anyways.

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PostSubject: Re: [Aion] Leveling/Gearing guide   21/08/13, 11:26 am

Cheers for this post dude!
Im sure we will all find it helpful! i know i did!!

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PostSubject: Aion Leveling Guide (4.8)   13/11/13, 11:59 pm

Levelling Guide

ReylandAZ wrote:
tl;dr version:

{1-10} Kill mobs above your level
{11-16} Do some higher lvl campaigns / kill mobs above your level
{16-21} Do 2-3 Haramel runs (full clear = kill all mobs)
{22-25} Campaigns + Normal quests. Kinda slow bracket, just clench your teeth and grind through it.
{25-27} Nochsana (NTC) Duo (full clear)
{27-35} Fire Temple (FT). Do all darkblue (repeat) quests for it and spam those runs.
{35-41} Steel Rake Cabin (Solo) & Kromede's Trial (KT) with darkblue repeat quests.
{40-46} Any and all leftover campaigns + SR runs + all the [Growth] quests for DC/Steel Rake. This bracket is kinda slowest in the game but plenty of options.
If Elyos, Jeiaparan Village in Heiron offers some very good quests that can be stacked. You can also spam one of the gold coin repeats in a group.
This bracket is also a good moment to finish any remaining campaign quests.
{46-53} Adma/TL Duo (full clear) + any and all available [Growth] quests (for Adma/TL, Brusthonin/Theobomos, Indratu Cave etc.)
{53-64} Besh NM Duo (full clear). Save all Inggison and above campaigns if you can. Alternatively, go to Cygnea and do darkblue quests. Raksang Solo may also add in some useful XP.
{64-65} All Inggison/Cygnea campaigns + BM Weeklies in Levinshor camps (4kk per quest = 144mil exp per week just by doing all 19 camps).

+ Play on Fast-Track until lv55 (double EXP).
+ Use EXP amulets (+20%) or buy an Innocent Merek pet if you can afford it (+200% EXP scrolls).
+ Use 100% energy of repose teas to keep repose buff up (+40% EXP).
+ Stay online in the legion (+10%).
= Potentially +450% / 4.5x EXP rate (without event buffs).

I was making a guide for my old guild and while it's still in it's early stages i decided i might as well post it here because there aren't a ton of in depth guide around for elyos leveling and considering i posted it on aion forums but no one really commented lol. i'll be trying to keep it updated if anyone has advice or suggestions for alternative ways i'll add it to here.

This is a guide as well for casual players who only play for a hour or so a day as well as hardcore players because it does utilize dungeons that do have cool downs so for more mild players take a break go outside come back later and do it again if needed, for hardcore players get a reset scroll and go right away.

Levels 1 - 9 : Kill mobs in starter area than around lv 5-6 move to the flamango's or crain birds and just kill them ignore all quests here

Levels 10 - 16 : Finish your Ascension quest and head to sanctum than vertron after that just kill a few mobs outside the gate or do 1 or 2 primaries (if someone is free ask them 2 power level u in the kidan keep area south of vertron)

Levels 16 - 20 : The Dungeon Harmel will take you to 20 in about 2-3 runs very easy solo dungeon and great exp

Levels 20 - 25 (one of the hardest levelling brackets): This is one of the slower leveling areas becasue there is no real fast way i know of atm to grind this out. just do some primaries and grind on mobs in the elten desert

Levels 25 - 30 : NTC (get the quest from the abyss so u can do the atlas reward) doing 2-4 duo/trio's NTC should get you to lv 30

Levels 30 - 35 : Do a few fire temple runs with a group for the end game item so u can get your earrings from atlas, This is your next longer levelling period At this point you should have lots of primary quests full of exp i'd recommand doing most the abyss ones for now along with the highest level hiron and elten quests u can pull off after u run out of quests that are above +3 your level go to arbolu's haven and finish some quests there until 35

Level 30 - 42 : Yay 35 u can now do A-Labs one of the fastest leveling dungeons that exists here you should gain 300k + exp a kill in a duo/trio start off doing a trio of it to build your level up as your progress and finish the run just kill some monsters or finish some other quests while your cool down recharges and than u can do duo's and eventually solo it but solo's isn't as nice because you'll need to be 45 by than to pull that off

Level 42 - 45 (one of the hardest levelling brackets) : For this bracket there are a few ways of going about it and most will say this is the hardest bit of leveling. You can pure farm the gold coin quest (lv 41 armor) from jeiaparan village starting at lv 39 it gives 1.5m xp per turn in and u should be able 2 turn it in every 4-7 min or so. Or you can do all the quests from jeiaparan, changernerk and coast watchers camps and that will also get you to level 44-45 if not head to theo on fast track and kill mobs near observatory until 45

Level 46 - 50: Duo Adma is very good exp and very quick getting you to iggison quests

Level 45 - 50 : 45 you can head to theo and start taking quests, there are tons of quests here and leveling becomes very easy along with the primaries your given you should be maxed out on quests at this point (don't forget to get the growth quests at hiron as well)

Level 50 - 53 : Head to iggison and take the repeatable mithril coin quest and farm that until 53 along with primaries

Level 53 - 65 : At this point u can do Besh Tempel truly amazing exp for this level bracket up to 1m xp a kill it's insane at low levels ask someone higher level in the guild to take you in there for a duo or find 2 people and try and trio it on normal mode (you won't finish the entire run but it's very very worth it) at higher levels solo for great exp

Level 59 - 65 : The best way for this level bracket is farming the same repeatable quest over and over again "whats up brohems" south of iggison 5m xp per turn in and most people and do 3 turn in's in about 5 min or less (still takes nyerking forever for 65)

Again i made this in like 10 min and it's been some time sense i've played so some of this might be a little out of touch i only played for 2 months and that was 2 months ago but i hope this helps some newer players
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PostSubject: Re: [Aion] Leveling/Gearing guide   14/11/13, 04:11 pm

I think it's accurate: I levelled up fairly fast and much of what I did is found in here.

Thanks for posting, added to the guides index & pinned.


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PostSubject: Re: [Aion] Leveling/Gearing guide   14/11/13, 09:17 pm

if anyone has any ideas for 20-25 or 40-46 that'd be great

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PostSubject: Re: [Aion] Leveling/Gearing guide   14/11/13, 10:38 pm

You can do haramel another time on 21 and then just do your campaign quests till 25
40 to 46 Steel Rake normal and cabin and campaigns in Theo
Also a lot of growth quest that you can do/get at these lvls.
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PostSubject: Re: [Aion] Leveling/Gearing guide   24/05/15, 12:12 pm

Thankyou for the guide. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [Aion] Leveling/Gearing guide   

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[Aion] Leveling/Gearing guide
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