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 Fun nights !

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PostSubject: Fun nights !   14/09/13, 03:07 pm

Hi everybody !
I searched a bit on the forum nothing similar didn't found in here or I didn't saw it. So what this is all about : let's have some group fun in some specific days/nights. We make a group and go to make some instances together, raksang, dark poeta, besh temple, you name it.
For eg Wednesday after the daylies resets in sarpan, tia, katalam, danaria we can go together with the legion, make 2 groups or 3 (xD), and just go there do some killings ... we'll make exp, doing quests for BM or w/e and not the last : having fun ... We have to do something cuz aion is getting so bored this days only solo questing kinda sux lol ...
*Btw I've never been in dark poeta or besh temple lol yes I know it sounds wierd but wth ... there's a first for everthing right ?!?! xD


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PostSubject: Re: Fun nights !   14/09/13, 05:50 pm

I agree with you, Ger. We have "Duel nights" and "Crafting nights" in plan and I would really like to see them turn into weekly events. Problem is, many have gone inactive/are not on as often as before and there aren't many people to do stuff with. I will carry out a research, see who would like to do what thing, how often do they play these days to see who we can count on and maybe we can pull something off. I'm not on much myself, like many others but I would like to do something fun in the little time I spend playing.
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Fun nights !
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