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 [4.0] Katalam / Danaria - Flight Routes & Teleports

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PostSubject: [4.0] Katalam / Danaria - Flight Routes & Teleports   03/09/13, 09:25 am

One of the many nice features present in ARM (Aion RainMeter) is a map of Katalam / Danaria with all flight routes and teleports. For those who do not wish to install the tool just for this, here are the screenshots; now you will easily get to the camps you need.

Lightblue = Windstream
White = Base Teleport (Don't have to own target camp)
Darkblue = Flight Transporter
Yellow/Orange = Base Teleport (Can only be used if your faction holds target / destination camp)



Credits to ARM:


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[4.0] Katalam / Danaria - Flight Routes & Teleports
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