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 [Aion] Legion Warehouse Clearing @ Sunday 1 Sept.

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PostSubject: [Aion] Legion Warehouse Clearing @ Sunday 1 Sept.   29/08/13, 01:28 pm

Greetings, Regians!

This upcoming Sunday, September 1st, we will be conducting a clearing of the Legion Warehouse. This means that all items present in the LWH, excluded convenience items such as kisks and aethertapping hats, will be sold on the broker. The profit will go towards the legion funds and will bring us closer to the kinah requirement for Lv.8 (~120mil).

What does this mean?
Users who hold the <Legionary> rank or above are invited to see if there are any items present in the Legion Warehouse which they could use. Found something like that? Then you can request or "claim" up to three items by posting in this thread!

The concerning items will be sold to you at a -20% discount as compared to usual the broker price! In other words, if you need those pots, scrolls, manastones or just anything else this is an ideal chance to strike a good deal.

Where do I access the Legion Warehouse?
The Legion Warehouse is accessible through the locations as found in this thread:

Pride & Glory,


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[Aion] Legion Warehouse Clearing @ Sunday 1 Sept.
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