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 4.0 Instances + Gear

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PostSubject: 4.0 Instances + Gear   28/08/13, 03:50 am

Disclaimer: This guide does not belongs to me. I just saw this and it is useful so I decided just to post a link to it. Feel free to check it out, it has a little information about 4.0 instances and the gear you can get from it. Those seeking Beritra skin, here you go. Smile

Link for 4.0 stuffs!:

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PostSubject: Re: 4.0 Instances + Gear   30/08/13, 09:39 am

Thanks for sharing! Smile

Some interesting bits I found in that link:

Blood Mark Gear
- Can be traded to special NPCs for AP (same process as with AP relics now)

Infinity Shard
- Apparently the most difficult boss instance in 4.0 (basically the new DLR)
- Two set-types of items - "Furious" and "Wrath." Furious has block armor and 1-handed/small weapons, Wrath has parry Armor and 2-handed/big weapons...so...I guess Furious is more like a defensive set and Wrath is more like an offensive set.
- Armor and Accessories have set bonuses, including some PvP Attack and Defense.
- When you kill Hyperion, you get a chest like in DLR, BUT the chest will give you items specific to your class! Nice!

Oh and, what I noticed before, if you want a great 4.0 weapon and are rich you can aim for the Ancient Coin Weapon (TOP) and fuse it with Blood Mark / AP (BOTTOM). The Ancient Coin weapon can only be enchanted until +5 but has monstrous stats.


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4.0 Instances + Gear
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