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 Loredena's Drawing

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PostSubject: Loredena's Drawing   26/08/13, 05:05 am

This is my sorcerer, still at rest tho...I am not playing her because a friend of mine made one too and we needed a cleric, which I started and took to lvl 60.
Nobody was happy to start a cleric ...I wonder why? Clerics are fun. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Loredena's Drawing   07/09/13, 08:45 pm

Ahhh *-* dat hair is really nice Smile as well as those eyes and lips~ nicely done i must say, love the pen work ^^

yeah clerics can be fun Very Happy gotta love their heals and at least they're no as squishy with clothies T.T ) but it can be rather exasperating when ungeared pvp wise T.T
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Loredena's Drawing
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