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 Frank's Application [A]

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PostSubject: Frank's Application [A]   22/08/13, 03:12 am

In-Game Name: FrankOceaaan
Country: USA
Class: Gunslinger, LVL 32

Referral: Matt (Charismat)
Past Legions: Porgus
Reasons for quitting: Had no connection whatsoever. Never helped with anything nor talked.

Why do you want to join Regias?
Matt told me great things about you guys so I decided that I should join. I like talkative people and I could use some help getting to know the game too.

Describe Regias' Second Law in your own words
Be respectful towards others, do not cause drama, no cheating, such as, hacking/Botting/Glitch Abusing. You may not ninja loot and no scamming, usual stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Frank's Application [A]   22/08/13, 03:04 pm

Frank wrote:
Matt told me great things about you guys
I wonder what he could have told you about us *worried*

Jokes aside, your application is approved. Welcome to the family! Smile
Make sure to check out our Newcomer's Square section for a useful guide on how to get you started both in-game and on the forum. There is also a list of Officers you can contact for an invite.

Looking forward to meet you in-game! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Frank's Application [A]   22/08/13, 04:07 pm

Welcome new member
Dont worry about that here, as long as you are not pushy and listen to our leaders you will do just fine. Respect others and you will be laughing, wowing and wtfing when looking at the legion chat before you know it -sips some coffee- so be yourself, relax and enjoy your time here.

God-cough- I mean Aoi

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PostSubject: Re: Frank's Application [A]   23/08/13, 11:33 am


Porgus is a legion I saw advertising on the Aion NA forum a couple of days ago -- led by Education, I think? Either way, shame your stay over there didn't work out but here's some good news: over here it will. From what I gathered my deputy has already invited you and you've had some talks with our fellow members so that should be all covered. What else, the Newcomer's Square and Legion HQ are two important places to check out, so be sure to drop by occasionally Smile

Enjoy your stay!


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PostSubject: Re: Frank's Application [A]   

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Frank's Application [A]
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