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 The place for "proof" screenshots

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PostSubject: The place for "proof" screenshots   21/08/13, 02:48 pm

So i was doing BTNM with Ely the other day, and she didnt believe me when i said i just critted 43k, well here it is.

We also beat Deputy Hanuman that night. Was fun.
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PostSubject: Re: The place for "proof" screenshots   22/08/13, 02:43 am

Holy bangs nigga, that's just too awesome.
By the way both Harpist's skills are buyable at NPC or gotta drop/broker them?


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PostSubject: Re: The place for "proof" screenshots   22/08/13, 09:05 am

Im lovin this new class for Aion 4.5:

/edit: Since this thread is for posting "proof screenshots", I don't think a gameplay video of the aethertech has much relevance here Wink --Vanland
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PostSubject: Re: The place for "proof" screenshots   30/08/13, 03:55 am

Would JUST LIKE TO POST THIS SCREENSHOT TO INDICATE SILLUS FORTRESS IN KATALAM NOW BELONGS TO ELYOS FACTION! For Elysea~ We will rise once again. ^^ Also for Lyarrah who was a bit mad about asmos winning <3. Hhahahha, we beat those suckers & we were way outnumbered. ^.^ Sorry if image is unclear~

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PostSubject: Re: The place for "proof" screenshots   30/08/13, 09:11 am

About time xD I heard we actually had some transformers coming out and decent leadership for once .. maybe this is just the turning point we have been waiting for all this time. Break the downward spiral, and return things to how they are supposed to be: we get the meat, and the Asmos can chew on the dry bones.

Just checked the Aion NA forum this morning. For a faction that loves provoking / belittling us they sure are awfully silent this morning. Pradeth lost to Balaur, Sillus to Elmos .. this is getting good.


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PostSubject: Re: The place for "proof" screenshots   

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The place for "proof" screenshots
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