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 Whats your gaming accessories?

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Regias Citizen
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PostSubject: Whats your gaming accessories?   21/08/13, 12:02 pm

Ok, so im looking into buying a new 'gaming' keyboard/mouse.
something that might benefit me in pvp / general gaming.

& also if theres any good accessories to make the aion life much better
throw them below,

id love to hear what you guys have to share! it would help me out with purchasing!

thanks regians!

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Regias Citizen
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PostSubject: Re: Whats your gaming accessories?   23/10/13, 02:49 pm

The post is a bit old but since nobody answered Im gonna do it Very Happy Very Happy

i have a logitech performance MX mouse, perfect for my gaming. I can bind the keys to skills and stuff and that's great Smile There're other logitech and razer mouses with way more bindings but I don't like them cause they're big and I don't need so much bindings ( at the moment). I had tried a LOT of mouses and I can say that for me, this mouse is the BEST!! (And it's not freaking expensive xD)

Now I play in a laptop, when I was playing WoW I had one logitech keyboard with, basically, dozens of keys to bind, in WoW was important, here I didn't felt the need yet, but it coudn't be bad to play with a gaming keyboard Smile I didn't tried other brands of keyboards and I think I won't Smile

Oh, and I play with a razer silicon pad... I hate common pads I feel interferences between them, my mouse and my toon xD
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Whats your gaming accessories?
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