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 Ethrajan's Application [A]

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PostSubject: Ethrajan's Application [A]   12/08/13, 06:44 pm

In-Game Name: Ethrajan
Country (optional): Italy
Class: Ranger
Level: 13

Referral: none
Past Legions: none (beginner of the game)
Reason(s) for quitting: none

Why do you want to join Regias?: I really loved the introduction on aion forum, expecially since I was looking for a friendly, fun and welcoming legion. I've played Eden Eternal and Lineage II on private servers, and the game was completely different with a good guild/legion, so I really do hope I can become an active part of your family.
Edit: I applied with an EdenEternal friend of mine (Valterre)

Describe Regias' Second Law in your own words*: Second rule states that You pledge never to dishonor the name of the legion by indulging in acts that offend, harrass other players or ruin their gaming experience, or resort to softwares banned by ncsoft
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PostSubject: Re: Ethrajan's Application [A]   12/08/13, 09:00 pm


Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your application! Seeing as you found us through the introduction on the Aion NA forum I guess I won't really have to elaborate on what we offer and what you can expect from us -- you probably have a clear view of that already. Personally I think that you've come to the right place for a "friendly, fun and welcoming" legion, but words are words so I'm gonna try to catch you in-game so you can see it for yourself Razz

Accepted! Your forum permissions have been set, granting you access to our member-only sections. I can totally recommend that you start your stay by paying a visit to the [Newcomer's Square] -- it contains useful information for new members, such as the names of our officers (legion invites), our newbie incentive program (free items for lv15~40 players), introduction by your fellow members & more to help you off to a good start: http://regias.forumotion.net/f15-newcomer-s-square

Pride & Glory,



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PostSubject: Re: Ethrajan's Application [A]   12/08/13, 11:07 pm

Welcome to the legion! I hope you have a great time with your friend, I look forward to meeting both of you in game! ^^ It's always nice to see new additions.~

"but hold on to what you believe in the light, when the darkness has robbed you of all your sight" - Mumford & Sons

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PostSubject: Re: Ethrajan's Application [A]   14/08/13, 09:01 am

welcome to our pack!


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PostSubject: Re: Ethrajan's Application [A]   

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Ethrajan's Application [A]
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