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 Songweaver QQ

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PostSubject: Songweaver QQ   10/08/13, 09:40 am

First of all,this does not apply to our Songweavers.I repeat this DOES NOT APPLY to our Songweavers.Ours are awesome. Very Happy

/start rant/
So...I have read a post on Tumblr written by SWs who are complaining because of the mana healing.Like 'oh my god I can't dps and heal the same time' and 'bring your own pots,I'm not a resource yaddayaddayadda'...
All I could say is:

B*tch.Do YOUR JOB.

Seriously.It's not a coincidence that SWs have not-only-self/aoe mana recoveries.It's for helping others.I don't say that you have to do it ALL THE TIME when you are busy with something else,but at least halt the complains about it. ._.

Also if you don't want to die,you better heal some mana for me(+ofc some of the main DPSs)or you can heal yourself and the group altogether if you wanna play the hero. :3
/end rant/

P.S.: Sorry for the rant,I needed to get this off my heart. .3.

There is a time to take damage,there is a time to deal it,
There is a time to ignore all else and do your best to heal it,
Then there is a time to laugh while they all
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PostSubject: Re: Songweaver QQ   10/08/13, 10:29 am

I believe a Songweaver's goal is to assist with MP heals. But that does not mean they are there as replacement for MP potions.

It's a bit like a Chanter who wants to be more than just a mantra / WoW machine. It's a bit like a Cleric who wants to DPS instead of only healing. A SW wants to be more than just a walking mana pot.

Then again, it's pretty much a flaw in the design. By giving all support classes the option to DPS you know they will rebel against their classes. Second problem lies with the community. With all "HEEEAALSSS" and "MP REGEN OMG" and whatnot they make the original purposes of such classes highly unappealing.

Me? I regen MP because 1) I'm on support tree, 2) My SW is sexy as fuck and 3) I'm a NICE GUY


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Songweaver QQ
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