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 This is too awesome not to share!

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PostSubject: This is too awesome not to share!    02/08/13, 08:53 pm

Hi guys I tripped upon this video / article and I thought it was really interesting. It doesn't really concern people who are not Americans but I still think it was nice to read/ watch. Very informative and maybe you guys will learn some things about it too. Seriously, there are some Americans that are so patriotic like the ones described in the article! >.<


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PostSubject: Re: This is too awesome not to share!    04/08/13, 03:54 am

I have seen this clip before. And I believe people recognize what this man has said is true. The real problem is no one knows what to do about the USA's problems. Our government has systematically ended up in a position that works against its people instead of for them. The governments response to, for example, criminal activity is to persecute those who would do wrongs. The bigger problem is not on an individual level though. One must ask how these criminals ended up having a need to lie, steal or become destructive to their own communities. The homeless are often looked down upon in this country. Not a whole lot of people are willing to look at how they became homeless to begin with. Our belief system has become self destructive.

To illustrate my point, I will refer to basic math. If person "p" does an action "a" the end result must be a consequence "c." Simple, right? This logic is fundamentally sound, yet also flawed. The bigger equation should include motivation "m" and influence "i." How did persons "p" life lead them to commit action "a." Our culture would fault people on an individual level, absent responsibility as a whole "w" community. After all, how can the "w" take responsibility for the influence "i" for a persons "p" motivation "m." This is where the math becomes complicated. When w=p(mi)y where "y" represents population, the "c" would be calculated so that it reflects c=w+a>(p+m)a=c.

Our family, neighbors and friends becoming homeless and underprivileged can be used to demonstrate this equation. These homeless people "p" are still a part of our "w." Person "p" does not have access or exposure to resources. When the population of the whole community "w" has no motive "m" to extend their positive influences, a negative action "a" must be taken by the "p" to survive. So, was the negative "a" caused by the "p," or, was the "a" caused because "w" created a situation where a negative "a" had to be taken? This can be expressed -a=p(-m)=w(-i).  And who suffers the consequences "c"? As a "w" would argue, it was "p" with the negative "m" that committed "a," while "p" would argue they were a victim of negative circumstances. Because majority rules, "p" will now be locked away in a facility concentrated with other victims of circumstances.

But "p" isn't the only one suffering a consequence "c" for the action "a." The whole population is having to support the "p." This is draining resources that could otherwise be spent on education, healthcare and support "p" should have already had access to. This results in more negative "a's" caused by negative "w" and the cycle continues. Each time the cycle continues, there are even less resources to go around. People are having to work harder to receive less. Those that can not keep up are then forced lower down on the priority list.

What we can learn from this model is that every action we take can effect the influences and motives of each other and have an underlying consequence. Be the change you want to see in the world. We live in a society where socialism is cast down without understanding its basics. If someone is treated as a negative instead of nurtured into a positive, everyone will feel its consequences.

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PostSubject: Re: This is too awesome not to share!    04/08/13, 11:20 pm

Dam shit got real in here, Ionto you lost me on the 3rd paragraph. But I understand where your going. I feel like our government lost it's care and freedom for it's people. (for some small reasons I can understand) Because of the status of the economy the government has now focused on rebuilding America than anything. The criminal activity will get worse because of these hard times. It surly is sad :-(
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PostSubject: Re: This is too awesome not to share!    25/09/13, 02:17 pm

It's all about one thing, over and over again : MONEY ... it will always be about money, and not only in US, this is way to big for us, is global and we can understand only parts from the big picture.
I don't even bother anymore cuz makes me sick ... money SUX ... makes the difference and makes people kill eachothers ... no more money xD


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PostSubject: Re: This is too awesome not to share!    

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This is too awesome not to share!
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