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 Achievement Unlocked

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PostSubject: Achievement Unlocked   31/07/13, 01:17 pm

With special thanks to our Asmodian friends for their (mostly involuntary) contributions towards this grand goal.


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PostSubject: Re: Achievement Unlocked   31/07/13, 01:27 pm

1.2kk AP.... O-O"

Grats Very Happy

There is a time to take damage,there is a time to deal it,
There is a time to ignore all else and do your best to heal it,
Then there is a time to laugh while they all
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PostSubject: Re: Achievement Unlocked   01/08/13, 09:13 pm

Congratulations!!! Haha, poor asmos that were murdered by you. ^.^

"but hold on to what you believe in the light, when the darkness has robbed you of all your sight" - Mumford & Sons

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PostSubject: Re: Achievement Unlocked   04/08/13, 05:40 am

whoa grats !

Hulkit - lvl 60 Templer
LaMuscia - lvl 28 Songweaver
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PostSubject: Re: Achievement Unlocked   05/08/13, 08:32 am

whoa... me so jelaous :O
i want it!

Gratz ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Achievement Unlocked   

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Achievement Unlocked
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