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 AionSource: Aethertech Gameplay

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PostSubject: AionSource: Aethertech Gameplay   31/07/13, 12:30 pm


Whole coverage on the aethertech, including gameplay footage. If you want to know what you can expect from this class, be sure to check it out. Courtesy to AionSource.


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PostSubject: Re: AionSource: Aethertech Gameplay   05/08/13, 11:55 am

So it's basically a gunner/templar hybrid: a bit too slow to be DPS but also too weak (chain armor) to be an all-time templar. I'd say thank heavens to that because it would be quite a shame to replace a templar's main role with... well, with this. I'm not a fan of combined-classes especially not two completely opposing ones, since it's like trying to do many things in the same time but fail to master either one of them. However, as the mech-loving/ ex-tank that I am, I'll give this a try just for the fun. I like the "elbow-rocket" (Pacific Rim reference) and the AoE skills. I'm curious how it'll behave in PvP though and just like Nobody said, where it will fit in. Indeed, wings would've looked awkward on a piece of metal like that.

I still think this class is just for the show...
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PostSubject: Re: AionSource: Aethertech Gameplay   05/08/13, 12:16 pm

Uff this class.
So unfitting for Aion.
Also,magic-based again?! Nooo. D:


Have you ever seen the emotions for it?The usual emotions with a bit of altering.
For example if it starts crying,the rider comforts it by gently patting it's head(?).So cute. xD


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There is a time to ignore all else and do your best to heal it,
Then there is a time to laugh while they all
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PostSubject: Re: AionSource: Aethertech Gameplay   

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AionSource: Aethertech Gameplay
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