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PostSubject: Collections   26/07/13, 08:31 am

So, is there anything you collect? In real life, that is Razz

For me, there's a few things:
- €0.50 coins
- Interesting / unusual / deviant Euro coins
- Keyhangers from countries I have visited.
- Video games from the Pokémon series.

On the note of keyhangers:


Sweden's national "Careful, moose crossing" sign, the union jack and Ireland's leprechaun. While in Ireland I put the Leprechaun over the union jack since well, a gesture such as walking around with the union jack on top may not be appreciated Razz

I had to remove some from my keyhanger already .. too many, too heavy. T_T


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PostSubject: Re: Collections   26/07/13, 11:57 am

Collections...hm, let's see.

I like collecting many things, like old keys, neckwatches or anything UK related xD but I think my biggest collection yet is made up of agendas. I have about a dozen of them, maybe more, all shapes and sizes and some don't even have anything written in them except for my name. And since you brought this up, I know you mentioned in real life but I also like collecting in game too. And no, it's not kinah, or coins or medals; I gather all the gold compasses I find in SR :Dso if anyone happens to have some laying around, just toss them this way Smile
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