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 Experiences as a songweaver

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PostSubject: Experiences as a songweaver   21/07/13, 12:00 pm

So, where to start.

I had been hyped about the gunner for months prior the 4.0 release. "This is going to be my new main" I thought. And look at me now. My gunner abandoned at 33, and my 53 songweaver about my replace my 65 sorcie as new main class. What brought this about?

SW is, to say at the very least, an interesting choice. It combines aspects of the cleric, chanter, spiritmaster & sorcerer to make for a fun and diverse class. Some say its imbalanced, and if you consider the luxury this class has you can't really blame them: it has access to root, sleep, bind, paralyze, dispell, cure, a 15% HP buff, stumble/knockback resist (PvE) or fear/sleep/paralyze resist (PvP), and a number of interesting skills such as a movement speed buff, flight time recovery, a unique resurrection skill and, most important, AoE MP recovery.

So far I am following a hybrid build, based on the PvE / Heal tree but planning to ditch Chorus and instead add some stigmas from the PvP tree for additional DPS. I'm open to advice so if you have any let me know: http://aion.aspirine.su/stigma/#jCnagaqapgmacadargne


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Experiences as a songweaver
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