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 Old school.

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PostSubject: Old school.   18/07/13, 02:26 pm

I put these videos in my introduction, but since the links seem blocked there, and there was a bit of interest, here they are for you in the pvp forum!

This one is just the guild being bored at a fort siege when Elyos didn't show up. Back then Siel's forts meant something!

And this is when I used to rift back in my hay day.

I have another rifting video hanging around some where, but I couldn't upload it because of the music I attached, some day I'll rework it and get it on there. Wink Enjoy!

I'm a fail glad.
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PostSubject: Re: Old school.   07/08/13, 01:52 pm

Nostalgia at its finest.


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PostSubject: Re: Old school.   15/10/13, 11:55 am

haha nice one to see Very Happy. wheres the 1080p Razz.


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PostSubject: Re: Old school.   

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Old school.
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