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 What is the story behind your username?

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PostSubject: Re: What is the story behind your username?   03/11/14, 08:38 pm

These reasons might be weird and funny or random but that's how it goes...

So i got 4 characters: (i don't use all of them) (elyos side)

1. Kennor:

i wanted to call my character Connor because of a known youtuber called Connor Franta but it was taken, so i thought maybe i'll make it Konnor (K instead of C) and it was taken too, then i just decided to make it Kennor. clever i know.

2. GeluAiden:

Gelu is wind in a certain language, i think latin.. i don't know. and Aiden is that thing from a game called "Beyond Two Souls" that is inside a girl, he is like her god and he is cool, he does stuff like flipping things or.... killing, the game is sad, watch it walkthrough if interested, or play it on your PS3/4 (if you have).

3. Ignisuss:

Basically, my first character as elyos was an Assassin and it name was Ignisus, but apparently when i played Aion, it wasn't FTP yet so it got deleted... cause i needed to pay for it.
Ignis means fire, sus is kind of a horse so like... FireHorse? i just doubled the S in the end, cause it was "taken"..... while my old character is dead. unless someone stole my name.

4. Anlar: (My active alt)

no interesting reason

That's all


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PostSubject: Re: What is the story behind your username?   25/01/15, 10:23 am

Picking a name was the hardest part of the game. I usually go with AngelHeart in all the games, but it was taken. After I've tried some of the elvish and ancient egyptian gods names, and again all taken, I've remembered the license plate of a friend, that has WOG on it. WoG = Wrath of Gods, a mod of Heroes of Might and Magic III. But it was also taken, so I've come with a synonym: RageOfGod.

I have also:

- Coarda (SW on Tiamat) = "String" in my native language;
- SillusBard (SW - Asmo on Israphel) = from Sillus Mountains;
- Ibellin (Temp on Tiamat) = as Balian de Ibelin, the main character from Kingdom of Heaven;
- Muschiulet (Temp) = "Little Muscle" in my native language.

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PostSubject: The origin   26/01/15, 07:16 pm

I'm different from most members since none of my chars have had a backstory nor will they ever have as far as im concerned.
The only basis for naming them is randomness. Neutral

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PostSubject: Re: What is the story behind your username?   22/04/15, 01:54 pm

well you all have seen a couple of mine....for my main cleansingpain....just a basic idea of elyos are good so i want to cleanse the world of vile asmo's and pain cause i'm a gladiator and i kill shit lol ....................deathswitch31 on the other hand is i have always done switch because me and my brother in law would do ours together, he used to do Noss....so together we were noss switch....but i stopped playing stuff with him, and well i'm a guy....death goes good with it lol and 31 is my favorite number Very Happy ok you can go on living a fun life since i'm done lol

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PostSubject: Re: What is the story behind your username?   

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What is the story behind your username?
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