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 1. About Regias

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PostSubject: 1. About Regias   09/10/12, 04:36 pm

About Regias
Regias (based on the Latin word regius (royal)) is a global, English-speaking gaming community that seeks to uniting diverse but like-minded players from all across the world under the banner of fun, comradeship, respect for one another.
Regias was born from a severe dissatisfaction with the cringeworthy conversations and equally cringeworthy player attitudes that seem to dominate "/3" or world chat in nearly every game out there nowadays. We thus initially set out to unite those people who had distinguished themselves -- by simply retaining their common sense while online. Over time they came to find us instead, and here we are.

Our focus is not to be the very best, possibly like no one ever was, nor to build a guild where playing feels as a mandatory second job or activity. What we aim to build is a group of relaxed folks, a casual community that plays games with the idea having fun, socializing a bit with one another, and working together to realize their own and the guild's ambitions. Regias has been around since 2012, and while some may call it a guild many others have come to call it "home".

Ultimately, Regias is perhaps best compared to a coffee table at an airport. People can freely take a seat and settle down in-between their real life duties and journeys, chattering with others one may meet there over and a nice chat over a cup of coffee instead of being creeped out within two minutes.

What do we Offer?

  • No Drama/Elitism: Inspired by the almighty quote "I am too old for that shit", we aim to offer an environment different from the usual conversations that gave "/3" or world chat its infamous reputation.
  • Global Community: Our folks are from all over the world, but united under the English language. With players ranging from Europe to the States, the corners of Asia, Australia and beyond, there will always be someone online. You get to know other cultures, habits and dialects in the process too so it's a win-win.
  • Equality: In Regias, no individual is greater than the guild. Everyone shoulders the same freedoms and restrictions, and will be treated as such -- officers included. So, don't worry about encountering 'protected' members who can deploy their connections to ruin your stay. Proof that it works? My friendslist is ever-shrinking!
  • Real Life First: A vast majority of us have a study, job, family or, if they have been overly productive, all three at the same time. Since real life EXP is significantly more valuable than its in-game equivalent (and since having a 45 sin on your CV isn't likely to impress your boss) we only perform a routine in-game inactivity check every few weeks (the amount varies per game). Signing in at least during this time will clear you of the inactivity kick. Still kicked? You remain a member of Regias, and can rejoin us when your schedule allows by dropping a line on our forum.
  • Perseverance: No guild is perfect. There will be ups and downs, and Regias is no exception. There are periods where e-life is booming, there are periods where things are quiet and slumbering. While activity may fluctuate (Real Life 1st works both ways -- we, the officers, have lives too Wink), the one guarantee that you do have is that the guild will never disband. How we can guarantee that? Because we don't burn through content like other guilds do. We play at our own (slow) pace, so there will always be something to do when we return to a game.
  • Text & Voicechat (Discord): A free and convenient tool that allows us to stay in touch outside the forum and chat about matters related to the game and beyond. Usage is purely optional.
  • Radio Stream (hosted on request): A playlist featuring a vast collection of good music hand-picked by our members. It will either help you get through the grind, or it will make you question our (lack of) taste while re-affirming your own.
  • Forum: A large forum and the modules surrounding it acts as our primary social beacon and guild headquarters. Chatter about the game and many other things, participate in our events or simply sit back and relax while reading Polandball comics.
  • Creativity: We support creativity, and would love to see your inner artist defined. Some pieces that those who came before you created can be seen in the media menu on the right.
  • Events: In-game and community events that expand on the usual experience and earn you a reward or two in the process.
  • Organization: Regias is backed up by an officer team with several years of experience in leading and managing online guilds or communities. We know the rules of the trade, and will make sure to maintain what the guild stands for. At the same time we are players and people just like you, so we stand among our members and not above them.


  • Adherence to the guild rules (found on the next page/forum).
  • Inactivity Check: Login at least once every 2~3 weeks, or let us know in advance if can't make it. Still kicked for inactivity? If you joined us through a written application you remain a member of Regias and can rejoin us anytime your schedule allows.

Joining Regias
Option #1: Catch us while we doing in-game recruitment. This is usually for short periods, and only every once in a while.
Option #2: Submit a {Citizenship Application}. This way you can join us anytime, and also start out with a higher in-game rank and the ability to vote in guild matters. In other words, you instantly become a fully-fledged member.

Applications only need to be submitted once and will be reviewed as soon as (humanly) possible. If your application is deemed insufficient, you will be asked to edit it/elaborate on its contents.

Screenshots / Fanart:

What do our members say?
Quote :
"This legion really is what you make of it. Everyone is treated equally, no matter the level. There is enough potential; it just depends on what you will do with it"
Quote :
"When I joined the legion, I joined for no apparent reason. I just randomly picked out one from the ones recruiting because I wanted a legion name above my head. But I began to realize that this place is different. It's special. And now, I can't imagine myself leaving the legion. I kind of feel like I arrived at home."
Quote :
"A home and a family I once lost any hope in finding again."

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1. About Regias
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